About Us


Local Missouri Manufacturer and Retailer of Quality Woodenware for Beekeeping

Most of our hive boxes, telescoping covers, screen bottom boards, inner covers, wooden nuc boxes, and swarm traps are manufactured in our shop.  All items are built to the industry standards for size and designed for durability. We test all our products in our own bee yards to ensure quality. Bee hives can be purchased at any stage of production from quality lumber up to fully assembled, painted, and ready for the bees.  Occasionally, when our bee yards get too full, we will even sell them with the bees! Custom manufacturing is also available.


Assisting the Beginning Beekeeper

 We stock all the supplies needed by new beekeepers.  This includes hive components, beekeeping suits, tools, extracting supplies, and honey bottles.  We schedule appointments to ensure we have time to help new beekeepers find the right equipment and supplies for them. We also attend many area beekeeping classes and meetings to help with presentations and answer questions for new beekeepers. Free deliver of supplies is available to any meeting we are attending.  If you have beekeeping questions, feel free to contact us. Calling usually works better than text or email.  We usually have a few questions to ask before we can properly answer your question.


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